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I NEVER DID (April Poem-A-Day Challenge - Day 3...Apology)


My apologies to you if you misunderstood

those two little words meant “I would”

to have you and hold you ‘til death us do part

to cherish and love you with all of my heart


My apologies to you if you mistook my smile

to mean I would stay longer than awhile

for better, for worse, in good, and in bad

in sickness, in health, and times when you’re sad


You should have questioned those calls each night

instead of attempting to avoid a fight

you should have seen that “meeting” meant “date”

and wondered why I always came home late


Your ignorance and bliss were your blunder

as you never once stopped to wonder

when always as you had something to say

I would tell you to save it for another day


That day has come as you stand at the door

and hear me tell you I love you no more

your blue eyes grow wild in disbelief

as you take off for an hour to confront your grief


The day before we were planning our future

now you’re left with an open suture

a promise of truth, love and admiration

now shattered and torn, a disintegration


My apologies to you if you misunderstood

those two little words of “I do”

as promises were broken and secrets I hid

I no longer love you…and I never did.

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