Holiday Cheers from Daida L'Orange


Thank you all for a wonderful 2011!

I truly enjoy creating my one-of-a-kind hats, wraps, and headbands and love how great you newborn photographers make my products look on your sweet little newborns. Thank you also to all of you who have shared with me your photographs. It is very much appreciated and I hope to see more photos in the coming year. 

More hats and headbands are coming in the next week. I have a large stack of girl beanie hats in the queue to be blocked and photographed. Silk ribbons, yarn, beads, buttons, and pearls are all sitting on my work desk waiting to be transformed into my unique halo headbands.

My gift to you today is 20% off of your entire order with all US orders being upgraded to USPS Priority Shipping at no extra charge (offer ends tonight, 12/24, at midnight CST).






Springtime Ruffle Waves Pixie Elf Hats

"Spring Bouquet", "Aglow in Violet Forest", "Azure Pumpkin"

Three new Ruffle Waves Pixie Elf Hats from the Spring Collection were listed in the shop  today.

The colors range from soft and delicate to bright and bold and the texture of the hats photographs beautifully on a newborn. I always love it when customers share with me photos of their sessions using the hats they purchase from me.


OOAK Newborn Ruffle Waves Pixie Elf Hat - Spring Bouquet - Spring Collection

 "Spring Bouquet" has many different Springtime shades of pink, red, yellow, green, and violet. The colors include amaranth pink, carnation pink, coral pink, French rose, fuchsia, lavender pink, rose pink, lemon, pear, celadon, emerald, jungle green, lime, amethyst, heliotrope, iris, lavender, and thistle. This is my favorite one of the three.


OOAK Newborn Ruffle Waves Pixie Elf Hat - Aglow in Violet Forest - Spring Collection

 "Aglow in Violet Forest" is a unique blend of cool colors and includes charcoal gray in addition to electric lime, aqua, turquoise, and indigo. It seems to glow against the black background.


OOAK Newborn Ruffle Waves Pixie Elf Hat - Azure Pumpkin - Spring Collection

The yarn in "Azure Pumpkin" has been very popular and has been used for many different items in the past two years. These include a hooded cocoon, cocoon set, textured beanie hat, and a Sagey II hat. I found one more skein of this yarn recently and decided to make this Ruffle Waves Pixie Elf Hat and will also be making a Pixie Gnome Hat from the remaining yarn. The complimentary blue and orange colors are perfect to give that "pop" of color to your photos.




Charcoal and Red Cedar

OOAK Newborn Reversible Hooded Cocoon with Removable Tree Branch Button - Charcoal - Photography Prop - Winter Collection

Today's update was the above one-of-a-kind seamless and reversible hooded cocoon measuring 19.5" in length with a width of about 6". It is part of my Winter Collection and was hand crafted from a custom hand dyed and hand spun soft merino wool in a beautiful dark shade of gray. The unique hand made red cedar tree branch button is removable and can be tied inside of the cocoon or can be removed altogether. Also, the cocoon can be reversed to the opposite side to expose a more textured look.


A couple of weeks ago I had put in a special custom order to my fiber artist to custom dye a yarn for me in a dark gray. After a few days, she sent me a photo of the following yarn:


It was a gorgeous deep charcoal gray mixed up from several different colors - a combination unlikely to be duplicated. In addition, she dyed two more gray yarns. One consisting of several different shades of gray...



...from which became this hooded cocoon...

OOAK Newborn Reversible Hooded Cocoon - London Skies - Photography Prop - Winter Collection

...and the other gray yarn which is a more solid silvery gray which is waiting to become a new hooded cocoon and chunky beanie hat.


 I love all of these yarns, but do tend to favor the darker one. The cocoons,"Charcoal" and "London Skies", can both now be found in the shop .



Luxe Pixie Bonnets, Beanie Hats, and Pixie Gnomes

Textured Pixie Bonnet, Santa Pixie Gnome, Luxe Beanie Hat

A few more new luxe hats are coming this month. Already listed are the following two luxe beanie hats made with gorgeous hand spun art yarns.

The "Platinum and Snow" Luxe Beanie Hat was hand knit with a combination of a soft undyed merino wool yarn and a delicate silver mohair art yarn that was hand spun with silver metallic thread.


Limited Edition - Luxe Newborn Textured Dual-Tone Beanie Hat - Platinum and Snow - Winter Collection

The "Snow Sparkles" Luxe Beanie Hat, added to the shop today, was hand knit with a combination of a soft undyed merino wool yarn and a delicate ivory mohair art yarn that was hand spun with gold metallic thread and sparkles.

Limited Edition - Luxe Newborn Textured Dual-Tone Beanie Hat - Snow Sparkles - Winter Collection

Also coming to the shop are two beautiful Pixie Bonnets using these two art yarns in combination with the ivory handspun merino wool yarn. One will be a new textured design (shown in the main photo of this post) and the second will be another new design using the ivory mohair art yarn as the border, similar to the Snow Sparkles beanie hat but in a bonnet design. The ties ("icicles") on these two bonnets will not include pearls as the last hat ("Christmas Berries and Icicles").

The "Santa" Pixie Gnome is another hat pictured in the main photo of this post and has been sitting on my desk for over a month now as I am still deciding whether or not to add three ivory freshwater pearls to the white border. Hopefully it will make it to the shop very soon.

New ideas are always coming my way, so you never know what will make it to the shop this month. Be sure to check out my shop as I continue my "Something new today" feature.


Christmas Berries and Icicles

Limited Edition - Newborn Luxe Reversible Pixie Bonnet Hat - Christmas Berries and Icicles - Christmas Collection


A very special newborn luxe pixie bonnet hat is now in the shop. "Christmas Berries and Icicles", my newest addition to the luxe line, is a combination of an undyed handspun merino wool yarn, a gorgeous crimson red mohair art yarn spun with gold thread, ivory silk sari ribbons, and six ivory freshwater pearls that were handsewn onto the "icicles".

I remember when I first laid my eyes on this beautiful crimson/gold art yarn. It was almost two years ago at the end of our family's five chilling weeks in Berlin, Germany visiting Oma during Christmas. I was strolling through the Berlin Aquarium, iPhone in hand browsing the new yarns being listed while the large fish were swimming by in front of me. I saw the yarn and quickly sent an email to my favorite fiber artist asking her to reserve the yarn for me.

Detail of the freshwater pearls as handsewn on the "icicles"

Earlier this year, I've also used this art yarn in combination with a deep pink handspun yarn for the Shabby Chic Beanie Hat with Pom Pom (a similar hat will be making its way to the shop in a deep turquoise paired with the red mohair art yarn) and the Pixie Elf Hat with Pom Pom which combined three different yarns.

I was so glad to have found more of this yarn last week which will allow me to make a few more of these special pixie bonnets. The only difference between the yarns is that the newer yarn has the addition of a bit of gold metallic fibers spun along with the gold metallic thread.



Coming soon...more luxe Pixie Bonnets using white mohair art yarn with gold thread/sparkles and silver mohair art yarn with silver thread/sparkles.